Lowe Syndrome Research Meeting

Incontro di Ricerca sulla Sindrome di Lowe

24 - 25 May | Maggio 2023

The Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Pozzuoli, Italy

Istituto Telethon di Genetica e Medicina, Pozzuoli, Italia

Program and Lay slides | Programmare dell'incontro e diapositive

Speakers gave 20 minute talks aimed at a non-specialist research audience, followed by a 10 minute Q&A session.

Program PDF document here

Documento PDF del programma qui

English lay slides PDF document found here

Documento PDF di diapositive laiche italiane qui

A Patient Voice | La voce di un paziente

We were privileged to hear Paul James's experiences and perspectives that he has made freely available.

Abbiamo avuto il privilegio di ascoltare le esperienze e le prospettive condivise da Paul James.

Testimonials | Testimonianze

"Fantastic organization, logistics, relevant agenda and the way the presentations were structured"

"I thought it was excellent" "I really cannot think of how this could have been improved" "In person meeting was excellent"

Research talks scored 9.4 out of 10

Patient advocacy talks scored 9.5 out of 10

Collaboration opportunities scored 9.5 out of 10

Photo Gallery | Galleria Fotografica

Meeting sponsors | Sponsor dell'incontro

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Organizers | Organizzatori:

Leopoldo Staiano, TIGEM and IRGB-CNR, Italia

Jenny Gallop, University of Cambridge, UK

Jeri Kubicki, Lowe Syndrome Association, USA

Photos and videos by Theresa Haugen, Lowe Syndrome Association, USA and Natalie Walls, University of Cambridge, UK